When you say 'Texas' you’re sayin' 'Barbeque'! That's right, we Texans invented Barbeque! In fact, we Texans invented cattle and chickens and pigs so we could have some critters to barbeque. Oh sure, there's other places around the country that have barbeque. But them folk learned all they know from us Texans. Want proof of these bodacious claims? Head on over to Tuel's M & E T, located at 4369 Highway 154 West, round about 3 miles west of Gilmer TEXAS. We're servin' the best darn barbeque around these parts, around Texas and around the good ol' U S of A! (maybe even the universe). 

   Thank ya' kindly! Sherriff Angus & Deputy Feral
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 Thurs. Fri. Sat.
 3p.m. to 9p.m. 
Closed Sun. - Wed.
Hey folks, I'm Ryan Tuel and I wanted to personally invite you to come on over to my place, Tuels' M & E T, for some good eats. I have 8 years of retail meat experience and have been in the barbeque business for the better part of 10. I take pride in what I do so I believe in doin' it right. And, since this East Texas area is and always has been my home, I want to have and keep a good business name. That's why I stress quality and value. But don't take my word for it. The proof is in the eatin'. If you'd like to know more about our place call us at 903_725_0247 or contact us by e-mail. Thanx for your time and good eatin’. Hope to see you soon! 
When you say 'Texas' you're sayin' barbeque.
That's right! We Texans invented barbeque.
In fact we Texans invented steers and pigs and 
chickens so we could have critters to barbeque. Sure, there's other barbeque places around the land 
but them folks learned all they know from
Want proof of these bodacious claims? Head on over 
to Tuel's M&ET Restaurant, 4369 Hwy. West just
about 3 miles west of Gilmer. We're servin' up the 
best barbeque in Texas n' the whole U. S. of A. 
Maybe even the entire universe. 
Thank ya' kindly;
Sherrif Angus and Deputy Feral
Gladly acceptin' BOTH
paper and plastic
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Tuel's M&ET Barbecue 4369 Highway 154 West Gilmer Texas 75644 903-725-0247